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Styling Your Bump

No 2 Bumps are alike, but here are some tips to help keep you and your bump in style:

The 'Smallie' Mama
If you're petite in nature, there's not much options for your bump to go, but out. In that case to help shape you and define your bump. We suggest Bodycon and horizontal stripes clothing for this such as the Lettuce-edge Mini Dress:

The Curvy Mama
Whether you were curvy before your pregnancy or pregnancy has filled you out, dressing for this shape is all about elongating your lines. Choose soft maternity dresses in a gently form fitting fabric to show off your beautiful bump. Our Bandeau Maxi Dress with Belt is a great option should you go this route.

The Carrying Low Mama
If you're carrying low then your growing bump will be just above your hips. Your style guide for this bump will be styles that are softer in the waistline and do not add too much pressure to your bump. Jumpsuits and Maternity Jeans, such as the gorgeous piece in the link below, are your best friend.

The Carrying High Mama 
If you're carrying high then your bump is sitting right below your bust. Your style guide for this bump will be styles which define your curves and create definition between your boobs and your bump. Two piece options and items which cinch at the waist will help create your perfect style. Our Peplum Maternity Top will be perfect for the job!